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Embrace the spirit of unity and empowerment this Black History Month with our special T-shirt and hoodie fundraiser! Note each item has been created and disgned by the youth in our program. 

February is a time to celebrate the rich heritage and influence of African American culture, and we're thrilled to invite you to join us in supporting a cause that truly makes a difference. By purchasing one of our stylish hoodies or T-shirts, you'll be directly contributing to our efforts to provide essential resources for children in our regular programs, including nutritious lunches.

Your support means more than just a fashionable addition to your wardrobe. It's a symbol of hope, opportunity, and a commitment to creating a positive impact in our community. For youth  from low to moderate income  housing who are undeserved and at-risk, your purchase helps us continue providing a safe and controlled environment for youth to learn vital life skills, embrace work readiness, foster mental health awareness, and gain essential financial literacy. Your generosity also offers these young individuals the opportunity to stay engaged, focused, and avoid the lure of violence or criminal activities.

Let's stand together in solidarity and make a real difference this Black History Month. Purchase a T-shirt or hoodie today to show your support and help us keep creating brighter futures for our youth!  #BlackHistoryMonth #CommunitySupport #YouthEmpowerment #Fundraiser #PositiveChange 

Black History Hoodie

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