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Glen Taylor

Founder & CEO

I started Mshauri mentoring program because I see myself in so many of our young male and females in the neighborhoods, I once lived in.    I remember being about nine years old and my mom not being able to buy Christmas gifts for my siblings and me. My mentor took me and bought me a Little Tikes bike. Not only did he buy me that bike, but he also got everybody in my house something. I knew at that moment he genuinely cared about me.   


At the young age of 16 I lost my first child due to a miscarriage and my mother in the same year. I had to take on a lot of adult responsibilities and not knowing how to deal with the hurt, pain and the feeling of being lost; I turned to selling drugs and living the street life.     My long-time mentor saw me spiraling and gave me a position within the church; Assistant Youth Coordinator. I oversaw the daily events, activities and programs but most importantly I was able to see other impacted youth just like me who looked up to me. I grew in this position and gained the trust of the youth within the program, and I started being the responsible leader I had always been destined to be.   


Having a mentor and the program at the church as an outlet allowed me to feel safe. I was able to open but my daily life experiences and   never felt judged. I was able to use my experiences to connect to other youth who were experiencing some of the same things I was rather that was homelessness, food shortages, not having clean or adequate clothing etc.    My mentor saved my life by giving me the confidence and notion that I wasn’t alone. The position that he entrusted me with allowed me to see that it was my responsibility to help the next at-risk youth to the best of my ability.    Mshauri Mentoring Program is a safe place for kids. A place where at risk youth can come and express their feelings and deal with their emotions as well as their mental health issues openly. This is a safe, no judgement zone. We help with internships, entrepreneurships, life coaching, financial literacy and we hope to be able to also provide our disadvantaged youth with housing opportunities. 

Meet Our Board

We are fortunate to have a dedicated team of individuals serving as our board chairman, board members, secretary, and treasurer. Their unwavering commitment and collective efforts make a significant positive impact on our community.


Our board chairman plays a crucial role in the strategic direction and overall governance of our organization. With their visionary leadership and extensive experience, they ensure that our mission and goals are aligned with the needs of the community. Their guidance and support inspire our team to reach new heights and constantly strive for excellence.


Our board members bring a diverse range of skills, expertise, and perspectives to the table. They actively participate in decision-making processes, providing valuable insights and advice. Through their deep understanding of community dynamics and their commitment to social causes, they effectively advocate for the needs and interests of the community we serve.


Our secretary plays a vital role behind the scenes, ensuring the smooth functioning and continuity of our board. They maintain accurate records of meetings, handle administrative tasks, and facilitate communication among board members, staff, and stakeholders. Their meticulous attention to detail and organizational skills help streamline our operations, enabling us to focus on making a positive impact.


Last but not least, our treasurer diligently oversees the financial management of our organization. They ensure transparency and accountability by maintaining accurate financial records, developing budgets, and providing financial guidance to board members and staff. Their expertise helps us optimize the allocation of resources to maximize our community impact.


Together, our board chairman, board members, secretary, and treasurer form a cohesive and dedicated team that works tirelessly to advance our mission. Through their contributions, we are able to create positive change, address pressing community needs, and foster a stronger, more inclusive society.


We are truly grateful for their commitment, passion, and dedication to serving our community.

 Meet Our Advisory Board

Our advisory board consists of a dedicated group of individuals who generously share their unique expertise and insights with our organization.


Comprised of professionals, community leaders, educators, and experts from various fields, our advisory board plays a crucial role in guiding and supporting our mission. They work closely with our leadership team, providing valuable advice and helping us make informed decisions about our programs, strategies, and overall operations.


With their diverse backgrounds and experiences, our advisory board members bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the table. They not only help us shape the direction of our organization but also ensure its long-term success.


Through their involvement, our advisory board members also help us stay connected with our stakeholders and the broader community, ensuring that our organization remains aligned with the needs and aspirations of those we serve.


We are incredibly grateful to our advisory board for their unwavering commitment, passion, and dedication to our cause. Together, we strive to make a lasting impact through our mentoring programs and empower individuals to reach their full potential.

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